There have been numerous occasions when a whole lot of people complain that their sites don’t rank according to their expectation on Google. This is probably due to the fact that your own web site has nothing great or unique to offer in terms of value and which is seen in thousands of other web sites.

Experts have, however, commented that one of the main reasons for a website to rank low on Google is that it has failed to comply with the requirements of Googlebot. Now what exactly do they mean by that? What they mean is your site is similar to thousands of other sites that go on reusing video feeds. This, according to them, fails to impress Googlebot because it is more advisable to give to users something that they explicitly wish to view from your site while also recommending it to others. In other words, your site has to be different from its counterparts by offering something compelling, unique and definitely of a superior quality.

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However, do remember that this can’t be achieved by fixing a meta-tag, so don’t spend too much effort and time on language detection technicalities. With more and more people using mobile phones rather than laptops or PCs, Google has emerged as the leader in this segment. The Googlebot-Mobile is a most effective web crawler that is specifically designed to be used by mobile devices. It has also turned out to be hugely successful for website owners to create their personal website’s mobile version.

What then are the advantages of a mobile website that Googlebot has so successfully created? It caters to 95% smartphone users who search for information that is available locally; 61 % users place a call to a business post searching, while 59% actually visit the location and a whopping 90% users act within twenty four hours, according to statistics published by Google. These impressive numbers no doubt, make sense to make investments in the mobile site.

In case you wish to comply with the requirements of Googlebot, you will have to bear the following in mind: You need to make quicker, and simple the navigation process; make it thumb friendly; enhance visibility; make it easily accessible and local; introduce appropriate click-to-call features and also make it seamless with redirects for a mobile site.

Many website owners however, may argue that there is no requirement for mobile versions of their websites if the website is visible on a mobile phone. However, there lies a subtle difference between a mobile website and a website that shows on a cell phone. A mobile website will always download faster and here speed is important because cell phone users would always want a mobile site download in a maximum time of 4 seconds or even less, failing which they move to a site belonging to a competitor.

In sum, Googlebot searches for content that is smartphone specific. All you need to do therefore, is to cater the content of the mobile site towards something that Googlebot crawls for and the best results on search engines is assured. The proficient services of Outsourced SEO agency also plays a vital part in boost your website rankings!

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