After the last update in January 2022 (WordPress 5.9), WordPress has launched the next major update in May 2022. This update has been dubbed WordPress 6.0 Arturo, inspired by the influential, Grammy-winning jazz legend Arturo Farrill.

This update brings WordPress users and developers almost 1000 updates, mostly aimed at improving design and performance. SEO Resellers Australia is a top-tier outsource WordPress web design reseller working with digital agencies to produce high-quality WordPress websites for their clients. With our finger on the pulse of the tech world and its latest updates, we are here to break down what Arturo is and what it has to offer your digital agency. 

An Enhanced Writing Experience

It’s easier than ever for digital agencies to create written content in every form. Whether it’s to add new elements to your client’s website or a carefully crafted new post to their blog, Arturo brings many improvements to the writing process, including:

  • Selecting text from more than one block to make copying and pasting easier
  • Accessing a list of recent pages and posts with ease by typing two open brackets ‘[ [‘
  • Transform blocks from one type to another without changing styles
  • Automatically keep the same button styles after creating customised buttons
  • Updated settings and controls make tag clouds and social icons more appealing

Even More Choices For Templates

WordPress is already known for being highly customisable, with so many templates to choose from. With WordPress 6.0, there are more template options to further increase flexibility. Arturo includes five new options for block themes in templates, namely:

  • Author
  • Date
  • Categories
  • Tag
  • Taxonomy

More Design Tools

Digital agencies and designers have long recognised WordPress as an intuitive platform with a range of design tools that are easy to use. With each update, WordPress becomes even more powerful and even easier to use. WordPress 6.0 is no exception. There are many updates to the design tools, a few of which include:

  • New border controls
  • Colour transparency levels for more creative control
  • Gaps, margins, typography and more can be controlled simultaneously with the Group block

Enhancing WordPress 6.0 Accessibility

Continuing its endeavour to make the platform more accessible, WordPress 6.0 brings along more accessibility in hopes of supporting users of all types and cultivating a community of users that is more inclusive. Arturo brings more than fifty accessibility-focused updates, including:

  • Improved alt text
  • Tabbing improvements
  • Improvements related to screen readers

This is just the beginning of what Arturo has to offer your digital agency. It will also see the enhanced performance of WordPress, block locking controls, integrated patterns, style switching, an enhanced list view and more! With WordPress 6.0, there are more possibilities than ever before for digital agencies to design beautifully designed, well-functioning websites for their clients. 

Looking for a top web development reseller program to help your digital agency make the most out of what WordPress 6.0 Arturo has to offer for your clients? SEO Resellers Australia can help. Contact us at to find out more.