The annual Akamai’s latest State of the Internet Report has been released, detailing the top internet speeds of countries around the world. It has found that Australia is lagging behind over 50 other developed countries, which is something that should concern all clients providing digital marketing services to clients all over Australia. After all, internet speed affects how customers will be able to access websites, social media and more.

At SEO Resellers Australia we offer white label SEO services to digital marketers all over the country, who can brand it and pass it on to their own clients. Internet speed is something that affects every aspect of digital marketing. By taking it into account when addressing the experience of the average website visitor, one can ensure that a website is optimised to overcome this hurdle. One of the ways that this can be done is through Site Speed Optimisation (SSO).

SSO is a process that ensures that a website is loading as fast as it can and that it doesn’t experience any delays in doing so. With local websites experiencing an additional hurdle in the form of slow loading times (thanks to bad broadband speeds) it can only benefit businesses from being able to optimise website loading speeds and offer potential customers easier access to content. In today’s world, the average consumer has little patience for delays. A website that takes longer than a few seconds to load will be abandoned and forgotten for one that loads quicker.

It’s a reality that when a customer undertakes an online search via a search engine that they will be looking for the first site that can offer them what they are looking for. If your client operates an e-commerce store online, having a slow loading website can impact their ability to complete a sale and negatively impact their bottom line. As a client of SEO Resellers Australia you can take steps to prevent this by offering clients an SSO service. It’s a value-added offering which can greatly improve a client’s website performance, helping them to experience more traffic and in turn even more sales.

If you think that your client’s would benefit from such as service, get in touch with us today.

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