With the incredible advances in modern technology, it has become a prerequisite for businesses to have a notable online presence. For digital agencies, this has meant adapting service offerings and even offering completely new services that help clients accomplish their online goals in order to achieve their broader business goals. 

As a website reseller with white label SEO and copywriting services, we have seen that one of the biggest demands of digital agencies is to create quality online content that is SEO friendly for their clients to help them boost their search engine rankings in order to reach their target market and new audiences. With that demand, many copywriters and digital agencies have felt the push to churn out as much content as possible, often sacrificing quality along the way so as to produce massive volumes of work. That may have worked in the short term, but it’s not a sustainable model, certainly not in 2022. 

Often, agencies and copywriters feel so pressured to create a large quantity of content, forgetting the true purpose of posting content in the first place. Of course, it’s important from an SEO point of view to have enough content with relevant keywords in order to boost traffic and get higher rankings for clients, but it’s also important to view each piece of written content as an opportunity to introduce your client to their customers. By constantly posting the same generic blog posts that offer little more than superficial information packed with keywords, your client makes no progress in establishing themselves as a thought leader in their industry. 

Google’s algorithm is looking for content that answers their users’ questions, the more original the content, the better. Copywriters and digital agencies need to make a conscious effort to remember that it’s not only Google reading their content. It’s potential customers as well! By ensuring that each piece of content written for your client is well thought out, wonderfully composed and has paid close attention to simple writing practices like grammar, readers are all the more likely to return to this blog for news and insights and can be persuaded to respond to your client’s call to action, achieving the goal boosting conversions for your client through digital content. 

Increasing traffic is important, but that’s not all it takes for a business to grow. Businesses want to attract new customers, not just website visits. The only way to do this is by boosting the right kind of traffic, which is done by posting quality content, not by pushing through masses of content that is average at best. That’s not to say that digital agencies should be throwing out their content calendars altogether – posting SEO friendly content is proven to be a successful marketing technique – it’s to say that the focus needs to be on quality, and if that means scaling back on the amount of content that is posted, that may be for the best. 

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