Digital marketing is an unusual business in that much of what it produces is not tangible. Unlike traditional advertising like placing ads in magazines or passing out flyers, you cannot view things like online copywriting or email marketing the same way. Thankfully, the results that can be produced by digital marketing are anything but intangible, and as a digital agency you will know first-hand the potential it can have.

The challenge comes in when you need to explain these benefits to a person who isn’t well acquainted with how digital marketing works and what to expect. If you’ve heard about our latest Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) offering and want to offer it to clients, here’s how you can communicate its value add.

The first thing to understand about CRO is that the bottom line starts and ends with research. We start the process by benchmarking how a client’s website is performing using analytics. This serves two functions. It shows us where you could be making improvements and also gives us a baseline to compare with once the necessary changes have been recommended to and made by the client.

Yes, the process takes several months but what you should be communicating to clients is that it works and you can offer them proof that it works. After the initial analysis stage when we approach the clients with a list of recommendations, you need to emphasise that they can choose if and how to implement them as it’s not included in the CRO fee or process. You can also remind them that once they have completed the implemented changes, we will be able to return to their website and provide them with measurable evidence that the changes have made the desired results.

Making an investment in CRO might seem daunting to clients at first – after all it involves several months of waiting on their part – but by promising them they will be able to see results, you’re more likely to get them to buy in. So if you’re ready to start offering clients CRO today keep the above in mind when getting the conversation started.

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