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Wholesale Virtual Assistants for You and Your Clients

One thing we know from dealing with so many SMEs over the last two decades is that many Australians are typically time poor. Offering a branded Virtual Assistant (VA) to your clients is a really positive way you can support their businesses and expand your own business, with minimal risk and no set up cost. Obviously with our wholesale services, you can also hire a VA for your own business, at wholesale rates.

With none of the HR risks associated with hiring staff, a VA can be a great way for a business owner to free up time, by outsourcing many of the repetitive tasks you deal with on a daily basis.

As with all our other services, we only offer quality, consistent VAs that you can rely on.

The list really is endless though and over time, we will expand this offering to include more niche and specialised skills. If you have a particular skill need though, send us an enquiry and we will advise whether we can find someone with a suitable skill set.

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