White Label Google Ads Management


PPC marketing is a digital marketing activity that is best left in the hands of someone who has the experience and understanding of how to get the optimum return on investment for you and your clients. SEO Resellers Australia employs a team of qualified and experienced professionals in PPC, standing by to work wholesale for you. Each member of the team is certified by Google and all have benefited from strict training and quality control.

We are the specialists in all elements of PPC and Google Ads marketing, whether in your business you are looking to run and manage a Search Network, Display Network, Re-marketing or Google Shopping PPC Campaign, we can assist you. Thanks to our extensive offering in all elements of digital marketing in Australia, SEO Resellers Australia is also very proud to be able to offer digital agencies like your assistance in every aspect of PPC and Google Ads marketing. 

If you’re struggling to find the time or money required to gain your focus and grow your business, then it’s time to offload your time-consuming PPC and Google Ads management efforts to SEO Resellers Australia. We simply offer you a helping hand (even inserting a dedicated resource who can work within your existing business set up if necessary) and allow you to focus on keeping your clients satisfied.

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Search Network Ads

Display Network Ads

Remarketing or Retargeting Ads

Shopping Ads

Mobile Only Ads

App Ads

Video Ads

Map Ads


ppc audit - PAY PER CLICK

ppc audit

(Keyword Research In Terms of Estimated Cost Per Click, Competition, Searches)

campaign draft - PAY PER CLICK

Campaign Draft

(Ad Groups, Keywords, Ads, Banners, Extensions, Negatives, Call Outs)

campaign setup - PAY PER CLICK

Campaign setup

(Settings, Location, Bidding, Sitelinks, Scheduling, Budgeting, Billing)

conversion tracking - PAY PER CLICK

conversion tracking

(Creation and Installation of Conversions i.e Form Enquiries, Phone Calls, Sales, Sign-ups)

landing pages - PAY PER CLICK

landing pages

(Landing Pages Creation and Optimisation)

budget monitoring - PAY PER CLICK

Budget Monitoring

(Daily Budget Monitoring To Complete Monthly Budget Precisely)

weekly analysis - PAY PER CLICK

Weekly Analysis & Revisions

(Analysis and Revisions in Budgeting, Ads, Keywords, Extensions, Bidding)

weekly and monthly - PAY PER CLICK

Weekly & Monthly Reports

(Weekly Google Ads Performance Reports for 1st Month and Then Monthly Google Ads Performance Reports)


semrush - PAY PER CLICK

SEMrush + Google Keyword Planner

(Keywords & Ads Research)

unbounce - PAY PER CLICK


(Landing Pages Creation)

agency analytics 1 - PAY PER CLICK

Agency Analytics + ReportGarden

(Performance Reporting)

optimizely - PAY PER CLICK

Optimizely + Crazzy Eggs

(For Conversion Optimisation)

Keeping track of your client’s Google Ads and PPC marketing campaigns is made incredibly simple thanks to our white label reports, supplied via our client portal.

Leave us to manage the day to day processes involved in running a successful Pay Per Click campaign and spend more time growing your business. GET IN TOUCH FOR A FREE TRIAL TODAY.