In the online space, artificial intelligence (or AI) has been a hot topic for some time. Previously, AI was just another concept popular in science fiction books and films, an otherworldly technology that wouldn’t ever come to any real fruition. Today, however, AI is more than present in everyday life. Many people rely on them heavily for different daily functions. As a reseller assisting digital agencies looking to outsource digital marketing for websites, social media and more, we at SEO Resellers Australia keep a close eye on digital trends. With today’s online happenings, there is a notable theme: the key role AI plays (and will continue to play) in social media. 

What Exactly Is Artificial Intelligence? 

Without delving too deeply into the subject, AI is the result of humans having taught machines to mimic human intelligence, giving them the human ability to hear, move, speak and even write. Many everyday functions and objects make use of AI. Examples of AI we can see every day include:

  • Smartphones power voice assistants using AI and real-time navigation
  • Product recommendations from online shopping platforms like Amazon or the next show to watch from streaming services like Hulu rely on AI  to make accurate suggestions
  • Gmail and other email clients use AI to assess a received email and automatically write part of an email reply for users

With the right input data, AI’s capabilities are endless. In the hands of a skilled digital agency, AI can be leveraged to offer incredible social media results to their clients.

How is AI Used In Social Media?

Whether users have realised it or not, many social media platforms have begun incorporating AI. AI plays a large role in many social media platforms and their marketing. For instance:

  • On LinkedIn, job recommendations and suggested connections, as well as a curated feed, are powered by AI
  • Snapchat, Instagram and TikTok all offer incredible overlays and filters that move with a user’s face in real-time. These work with an AI technology called Computer Vision to track the user’s features and apply the filter.
  • Instagram identifies visuals using AI
  • Facebook uses machine learning and AI to suggest content and friend potential friends, serve users with relevant ads, recognise specific people’s faces and more.

The Benefits Of Using AI In Social Media

By harnessing the potential of AI, marketers can create powerful digital marketing strategies. AI can offer a big revenue boost when used to take data from social media sources by identifying which headlines, keywords and such lead to more engagement. It can help digital agencies discover new audiences and predict potential customers most likely to convert and then send them targeted messages. With AI, many processes can be automated, saving digital agencies both time and money. AI can automate the creation and scale of social media content as well as target social media audiences with relevant ads, and even regulate ad spending.

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