Are you targeting customers using white label social media management for your clients? Then you’ll need to follow their purchasing journey all the way through the website and the checkout to see if your efforts are creating the desired result or not. All businesses have experienced customers abruptly departing from the sales funnel, in spite of their best marketing and nurturing efforts. To optimise your social media marketing efforts and to keep your client’s customers progressing towards making a sale, you must use your available tools to track their journey.

Say for instance you’re running a social media advertising campaign for a wedding planner who wants engaged women to visit her website and fill in a form to book a consultation. You decide to run Facebook marketing to accomplish this, but it isn’t working. What could be the cause?

If you are mapping their customer’s journey, you’ll be able to follow them from the moment they respond to a social media advertisement to the exact moment they depart somewhere along the journey. You might discover that consumers are responding and clicking on the adverts on the Facebook pages (which means your content is on track) but that when they reach the landing page they leave a short while later. Or maybe they’re staying on the landing page, even putting an item in the cart, but never checking out.

Social media analytics can reveal that these customers are using their mobile devices to access Facebook and that your client hasn’t optimised their landing page for mobile devices. Once customers reach the relevant page, after clicking on your Facebook ad, they cannot easily locate and complete the form so they get frustrated and leave.

Using this valuable information, you can immediately solve the problem and create a responsive landing page using our white label web design or development services. The best part is that you could start seeing results immediately and that you’ll be able to benchmark any improvements or progress using social media analytics.

This is just one example of many where you can use social media analytics to help map your client’s customer’s journey through the sales funnel. And remember that if you’re outsourcing this service to SEO Resellers Australia, we will be able to assist you in every aspect of your client’s social media marketing from conception to analysis. We can assist you with the provision of white label Google AdWords management, PPC management, content writing, and conversion rate optimisation (CRO) optimisation services too.