Adwords campaigns, social media management and SEO outsourcing in Australia is a straightforward process for us at SEO Resellers Australia. When we offer our clients white label SEO services, it’s easy for them to see its value. For instance, a professional website design will set them apart and give them a distinct personality while encouraging customers to linger on a website for longer and educating them on what a company has to offer. The social media monitoring and advertising we offer through white label SEM and Facebook management allows them to see how they are perceived by specific audiences and lets them use social media marketing to make the conversation a more positive one.

Your clients will enjoy the success of your outsourced SEO services, such as a great web designer or social media training for staff members. They may even take advantage of your offer of a professional SEO copywriter to re-write their tired old their website copy, or take up your offer on hiring a white label Virtual Assistant to help them with their workload – but mention blogging and you are bound to experience some hesitance. After all, what purpose does a blog even serve?

The reality is that businesses are flocking to social media. The number of Australian companies with a social media presence has increased by up to 48% for small or medium businesses and by up to 79% for large businesses, so it’s no longer enough to simply exist on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest and outsource a few white label AdWords campaigns.

A brand’s social media profile needs to offer content too. Research shows that customers are more likely to trust a brand if its content is engaging, relevant and regularly updated. Similarly, the most common reasons Australians unfollow brands on social media is due to irrelevant or unappealing content. By creating a blog, clients can enjoy a steady stream of quality content to share on social media that their company will benefit from across the board.

Many people still perceive business blogs as sales driven keyword heavy sentences strung together to trick search engines into forking over traffic, or to persuade customers to use your service and buy your product simply by telling them to. Those days are long gone, and both search engines and customers are smarter than that. Blogging with keywords will certainly attract the attention of search engines, but only if it appears organic and is not duplicated. Customers will respond similarly to written content.

Blogging is a valuable tool that can tie into an existing social media strategy and SEO marketing with ease. If you are thinking of offering this to your clients, remember that it should add value in order for them to experience any positive payoff from it. SEO Resellers Australia offers white label SEO reseller programs, packages, and services, covering the full scope of digital marketing online, and we would be happy to help you get going on outsourcing content creation and blogging too.

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