The digital age we live in has created the ability for your clients to connect to their customers in a far more intimate and valuable way: social media. The problem is that many of your clients may not know how to leverage these tools to get the greatest benefit. That is where a digital marketing agency comes in. If you can show your clients better ways to market socially or show them the results that digital marketing agencies are creating with social marketing, you are well on your way to success. At SEO Resellers Australia, we know what it takes to have your finger on the pulse. With this blog, discover more about the social media platforms your clients need.


Visual content is the primary way audiences and consumers digest content from their favourite brands. TikTok shapes this culture and allows your clients’ brand the ability to access a massive, established audience. The best way to optimise TikTok is to use the same approach as you would for blog posts and create content that users are already looking for. 


Beautiful visuals are key. Your digital marketing agency can create product teasers, behind-the-scenes posts that humanise your client’s brand, and even offer instructional posts that add value and engagement to your client’s repertoire. 


This is another example of visually engaging content that has the prerequisite of great quality and shareability. Instructables, branded graphics, and e-commerce embedded pins are the pinnacles of what makes Pinterest so effective for business. Connect your client’s business Pinterest account to their other online platforms for optimal results.

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