You’re probably here because you have a plumbing company, or maybe, you’re a manager or employee of a plumbing business and need to find ways of scaling the organisation. You’re also here because there’s concerns on how to build more plumbing needs. As you may know, leads are the best way to keep any business alive, this is no exception for plumbers. When it’s time to refill the oxygen tank of your plumbing business, taking advantage of Google ads for plumbers is a lifesaving option.

We’re going to look at some of the secrets of getting leads through Google AdWords.

Earmark Emergency Plumbing Keywords

The success to any Google Ads strategy is understanding where your ideal customers are and where they are coming from. Once you know this, targeting those individuals with keywords and ads becomes easier. For example, look at the average homeowner, they might be experiencing a burst pipe on one cold night and their kitchen is now flooding.  One of the first things they’ll do is pick up their smartphones and Google for immediate help. No one wants to submit a lead form on your website and still have to wait a day or two in order to get help for their plumbing emergency – they need someone to respond now and get to repair their emergency right away!

Through Google ads, you can target customers looking for immediate help by adding keywords like “emergency plumbing”, “plumbing after hours”, “emergency plumbers near me” and so on in an ad group using Google ads campaigns. Once you’ve done this, you’ll need to specify that you offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services and that you’re the best choice for any plumbing emergency situation. This is one of the best methods of getting in front of your ideal customers with your offerings so that they click on your ad and convert into leads.

Start a Call Only Campaign

Your website might not be up to par, so running a call only campaign is a great way of getting leads. Calls Only campaigns are solely for mobile and cell phone searches, which means your call only ads will show up with your phone number in the header, making it easier for your business to be reached. Using this method of advertising your business means that online users don’t need to visit your website to get your services.  They can simply call you directly from your Google ad! This way, you’re also removing one step in the lead generation process where they don’t have to search for your services, see an ad, click to access your website, and then try make an informed decision whether to go with your services or not. Now, they can simply service for emergency plumbing services, see your ad and immediately call you from your ad.

Take Advantage of a Remarketing Campaign

One of the most effective ways of ensuring your plumbing business does well is taking advantage of remarketing campaigns. They can boost conversion rates and help your lead further down the line. Here’s a simple way to make you understand it: when someone has previously seen or visited your website while they were on another site, remarketing re-displays or revisits you to remind you of services you might still need. Running this type of campaign will help leads and businesses get higher lead creations.

These are just three of the ways that using Google Ads for your plumbing business can help you generate leads – and they are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more ways that you can get more leads for your business so that you can generate more revenue.

Through expert help, this entire process of getting leads for your plumbing business through Google ads is possible. At Tradie Web Guys, we specialise in helping tradies get the most out of their businesses through digital marketing services. If you’re a plumbing business looking for ways to use Google ads to leverage our business, get in touch with us!

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