As a white label SEO company, SEO Resellers Australia knows better than anyone that ‘marketing’ is such a broad field covering so many mediums that it’s easy to get confused when deciding which ones are good for your business. Ideally, every Australian digital marketer should be using a broad combination of marketing campaigns that each sustain themselves while adding value to the other. In this first part of our series on unpacking marketing for agencies, we’re going to look at email marketing, how it affects your business, how you can use it to your benefit as well as how and why you should offer it to clients.

email marketing - The Most Powerful...And Most Neglected...Marketing Tool For Agencies: Email Marketing


As a small business owner offering web design, web development or other digital marketing services, you’d probably like to increase the efficacy of your advertising and grow your business. You know that SEO Resellers Australia offers white label SEO services such as email marketing that you can resell to add value your service offering, but it’s hard to do this without a solid understanding of what exactly it is and how it will benefit your client as well as you as an SME. Here’s what you should know and what you should be doing.

What is email marketing?

In short, email marketing is pretty much everything you send by mail to current and potential customers to provide them with discounts, information, offers and more.


The goal?

  • To inform
  • To increase conversions
  • To upsell
  • To cross sell
  • And most importantly, to build a relationship

Your goal is to have consumers react to an email from your business as they would from a close friend, who’s opinion they value and look forward to hearing.

Why email marketing?

In Australia 91% of consumers use email at least once a day, and email has proven its value with conversions overall. You’re getting your message in front of people without them having to go and find you. So why do so many SMEs struggle to effectively use email marketing or roll it out properly?

Research tells us that there are 251 email marketing software solutions currently on the market, each promising to be better than the last. It’s no wonder why so many businesses stall when it comes to getting started. And that’s not to mention other factors that need to be managed, such as average unique open rates, click rates, soft bounces, hard bounces and abuse complaints.

SEORA Image Email Marketing - The Most Powerful...And Most Neglected...Marketing Tool For Agencies: Email Marketing

How to start email marketing?

Start with the people you already know or have addresses for and grow from there, maybe add a form to your website where people can opt to join your mailing list. This will soon lead to a regular subscribers list which will become a hot bed of potential leads, sales and relationships provided your email marketing contains subject matter of value to the list.

You need to set an expectation and meet that expectation – if you say you will send an email every Friday morning, then do that.

Follow through! You need to follow up diligently on any correspondence a client enters into.

Finally, everything you do needs to add value. If you are pushing a particular product, SHOW your client why they need it. If you are offering information, SHOW them why they should read on. Remember they will always be thinking “how can this benefit me?”

In summary, email marketing is all about showing, versus telling. And at SEO Resellers Australia, we’re experts at this. Email marketing is something we believe can really add value to your business and your client’s business too. If this is all too daunting or you just don’t seem to have the time, check out our pricing for having our professional White Label Content Writing team help you put together your email marketing content in your portal.