Some of your clients may have lowered their marketing budgets due to the current pandemic, but this doesn’t mean your digital marketing agency has to lessen its marketing efforts. With many resources available, you can still punt digital marketing solutions with free Google tools that significantly upgrade SEO strategies.   Step Up Your Client’s SEO Game With Google Trends As a great tool for keyword research, Google Trends is a tool you should be using as a digital marketing agency. Tracking trends around search queries will help you find new keywords for your clients that rank well and will surely upgrade your clients’ SEO strategies with local SEO projects. Improve SEO Strategies With Rising Retail Categories As Google’s compilation of data on retail, digital marketing agencies can make use of trending product categories and relevant searches. This will help your agency have a great idea of what products to focus on to give your clients the best impact.  As a local enterprise SEO, you can use this data to determine which products to focus on in each market. Visual Stories Impact Your Clients’ SEO Strategies Greatly  As summarised by Google, Visual stories are driven by trending topics and data from Google. As interactive slides, they present your agency with insights and data points relevant to your clients’ marketing efforts. These insights revolving around desires, customer experiences and audience perceptions will help your agency to craft specific effective SEO strategies for your clients. This helps to redefine your clients’ customer journeys and to effectively pinpoint pain points, and clearly identify which SEO keywords to focus on. Grow My Store and Test My Site, as other great Google tools we recommend to digital marketing agencies if they’re looking to upgrade their clients’ SEO strategies.  For More On SEO, Get In Touch With The SEO Experts At  SEO Resellers Australia, we know all the Google tools and so much more to help your digital marketing agency provide the best SEO marketing for your clients. Furthermore, we believe that your agency or consultancy should get much more than just great SEO results. We have created our white label SEO system with automated tools that enable you to initiate, manage, and monitor all your campaigns in real-time. Our advanced SEO monitoring tools update every 24 hours, giving you up to date keyword rankings and Google Analytics Reports as well as historical performances. Get in touch with our experts today, or sign up here.