Imagine for a moment that you are your client and you decide to open a Facebook page by yourself. You don’t plan on following a social media content strategy. After all, why should you pay an expert to do what you can do yourself? Every day, you post a few motivational quotes and random images to your timeline. Your interaction with customers however is limited to handling complaints. Your number of likes stops growing. You start wondering what the value of a Facebook page is – it just adds more work to your already full plate. You are considering shutting it down altogether and spending more time on traditional advertising.

Sound familiar?

When it comes to social media, many clients assume that just showing up is half the battle. They assume that having a page and posting now and then is enough to stay relevant with customers.This is a dangerous assumption to make.  Social media does have the ability to add value, but only if undertaken correctly.
Studies have shown that a successful social media presence can increase traffic to your website by 75%. It also shows that 77% of companies have acquired clients through social channels such as Facebook.

So what’s the difference between clients that experience positive results and those that don’t? The difference lies in setting goals and proper monitoring. When it comes to social media, your clients need to have a strategy in place. This strategy needs to have a clear end goal. How do they increase website traffic? How do they increase likes on Facebook? How do they promote this particular campaign? These questions can shape their social media success.

So how do you go about helping your clients with their social media when you barely have time to spend on your own? The answer lies with digital marketing wholesalers such as SEO Resellers Australia.  We offer you (and your clients) white label social media tools that can be easily applied and managed by your company. We also offer tools that allow you to track and measure their and your social media marketing. We can also provide you with whatever content your strategy may require – from infographics to branded images. For more information on our white label services, contact us today.

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