Social media has become an important marketing channel for businesses, which means that if you’re a digital marketing service provider of any kind, there’s a good chance you currently

offer it or are planning on offering it soon. Whether you’re an amateur or pro, you need to understand that marketing on social media isn’t as simple as creating posts for Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and watching the traffic pour in. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ blueprint for creating the perfect social media strategy, and even if you create one that works, you’ll still need to make changes where necessary as time passes, and your client’s goals, audience and platforms change. Get back to basics by following these seven core steps to make sure you cover all your client’s bases and don’t get caught up in any hype. 1) Start With An Audit If you don’t know where you are, how can you decide where to go, and how to get there? First find out what platforms your clients are on and if their imagery, wording and URLs are optimised. Once this is done take a look at the results they’re currently getting for benchmarking purposes and how their competitors are faring. This should be enough to help you create a goal for them to work towards. 2) Pick A Target Now that you know what your client wants, you need to decide which type of person will most likely make this happen for them. This goes beyond geographical location and age. You’ll want to know their estimated income, job, lifestyle and more. 3) Measure Success You know what your client wants and who will help them get there. Now you need to decide how to measure whether or not you’re reaching their goals. This could be anything from your conversion rates to how much times people end up clicking through to your website. 4) Diversify Content Now comes the fun part – creating engaging content to help your client’s goals. You can go beyond just posting images and words. You can integrate video, infographics and even clickbait enticing them to visit your website to get a free eBook or Guide. As long as it’s aligned with your client’s goals and is quality, anything is game. 5) Invest In A Social Media Management Tool Many marketers use a variety of tools to boost their productivity. Social management tools provide you with the option of scaling your efforts with ease, so invest in the right ones for content management and tracking purposes. This way, you can have posts scheduled ahead of time and create a content calendar. 6) Track, Analyse, Optimise Last but not least, and probably the most crucial step in helping your clients succeeding on social media is to constantly track your results, analyse data, and making changes or optimise things where necessary. If this sounds outside of your scope, remember that you can always outsource your work to a team of social media experts who have the creativity to create an effective social media marketing plan and the skills to deliver the expected results. Contact SEO Resellers Australia today to outsource your client’s social media marketing and strategy, so they can keep winning on every platform.