Everything in the world is subject to change, and that goes double for everything that happens online. At SEO Resellers Australia, we know that this means that we have to stay ahead of the curve in everything we do, not just in our product offering. Our CEO, Damian Papworth embodies our continuous drive for excellence, and last month in October 2017, he journeyed to Dubai to offer our offshore teams the opportunity to learn from his two-decades’ worth of expert experience working in the digital marketing industry.

The workshop was attended by the team leaders and heads of department of SEO Resellers Australia’s Pakistan office. Asjad Afzal, Director of Operations in Pakistan was delighted to receive training from the company’s CEO, “Damian has shown us a way of looking at our day-to-day tasks not just as something to be completed, but as a part of our client’s complete experience with our company.”

Affan Manzoor, the company’s social media manager also praised Damian’s training, “As managers, we are now better equipped than ever with the tools to provide our clients with a holistic and rewarding experience every time they work with us.”

Damian’s training took place as a series of workshops and smaller training session that spanned the course of a week, and focused on not only providing the company’s leadership with a way to approach client relations, but also on helping identify and solve challenges for the business and its clients before they become long-term problems.

“There are lots of companies out there that provide the services we do.” Asjad said about his training, “What this training did, was show us that our competitive edge has always been the complete user experience only we can provide. I’m glad we have now strengthened that foundation.”

Damian was just as pleased with the outcomes of his time spent in the iconic city, “We’ve always had a strong core of competitive products that we provided to our clients in a user-friendly way. Now we have taken the steps to up our approach like never before.”

When asked about the company’s next steps, Damian expressed a lot of excitement, “I can’t wait to see the end result of the Pakistan team’s passion. Not just for them, but definitely for the added benefits they’re going to give to our clients, and their clients as well.”

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