Our Commitment

When you choose SEO Resellers Australia, you receive a commitment from us to create a long term mutually advantageous partnership. In return, as a client you commit to help us help your business grow. The points raised below offer an understanding of how we can integrate our businesses to work together effectively.

Our Commitment To You
  • To recognise that you (and your business) are our client
  • To analyse industry changes and maintain industry best outsource services for all our service lines
  • To continually train our staff to ensure optimal provision of the services we offer
  • To provide you with detailed analytical audits for new clients and prospects in “white label” format so you can brand for your business, prior to distributing to clients
  • To provide expert on-page website reports with recommendations for website changes, crucial for SEO success. This will be provided in white label format so you can provide in your branding to your clients
  • To provide white label monthly SEO ranking reports plus analytics reports for your brand and distribute to your clients on a regular basis, OR
  • Where you have licensed SEO Tools for your business, to provide monthly SEO ranking reports plus analytics reports in your brand, for distribution to your clients on a regular basis
  • To prepare and provide all publishable SEO link building collateral to you for quality checking prior to use
  • To execute all checked and approved on-page SEO changes (where logins have been provided)
  • To publish all checked and approved off-page SEO material
  • To provide reports to you detailing our work
  • To provide regular (currently quarterly) checks of your clients SEO profiles to protect against negative SEO and other things that could impact long term SEO success
  • To provide reports to you from these full SEO Profile checks
  • To be pro-active with client reviews when we hear of impending Google changes, ensuring that your clients’ rankings will be protected
  • To honour the guarantees we offer your clients
  • To meet the time frames we promise for our services and our processes
  • To assist your sales and marketing, with white label information and other information requests
Your Commitment To Us
  • Not sure if this in international or if they meant your clients are our clients
  • To market your business and brand appropriately
  • To arrange appropriate contracts between your business and your clients
  • To pay us for our services in a timely manner
  • To implement reporting procedures with your clients that are consistent with the reporting procedures we offer you
  • To seek required logins and credentials from your clients in a timely manner to facilitate our SEO processes
  • To review our on-page analysis prior to distributing to your clients, making amendments that may be appropriate to maximise quality for their brand, and in their eyes
  • To seek timely approval from your clients for on-page website changes. This step is critical to the success of SEO
  • To review and approve all publishable off-page material in a timely manner so we can publish on behalf of your clients, in line with our SEO process
  • To undertake other quality measures you see as appropriate. The higher the quality of your SEO, the better your reputation and success
  • To bring to our attention for review anything you believe may not be within Google’s quality guidelines, whether created by us or not. The default for everyone on this matter should be to play it safe and we will review all such items
  • To raise concerns about upcoming Google algorithm changes if any come to your attention. We are very proactive in this area, but the more of us paying attention, the less likely we are to be surprised by any unexpected changes
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