LinkedIn has over 8 million registered users in Australia and with just over half of this number logging in every month, it’s a platform your clients could benefit from. While paid advertising and targeted campaigns from our white label social media service all can create results, it’s important that you also pay attention to their ‘homepage’ on the platform, which is their profile. The right wording and call to action can mean all the difference when it comes to lead generation, and as part of our white label copywriting service we can assist you in providing them with this. Here’s how we can optimise any LinkedIn profile for optimal lead generation.

Optimise your summary

Most profiles on LinkedIn copy and paste the first section of their complete profile into their summary. This is a mistake, as your summary should in essence be your elevator pitch. It’s here that a potential customer will decide whether or not to keep reading. It should not be filled with repetitive or irrelevant information. For example, knowing that you are a happily married father of four will not entice someone to give you a call.

Make it about the reader

If you want your client’s LinkedIn pages to receive better and more qualified leads, you need to ensure that your profile clearly states what you can offer them and what they can do to get it. It’s all very well that you list that you have multiple degrees and years of experience. The reader needs to understand how this translates to a benefit for them and how they can access said benefit. The overwhelming trend by LinkedIn-ers seems to be to use this section as a chance to wax and wane about their accomplishments, their experience and themselves. All wrong. Tell the reader what you do, who you do it for and what frustrations you take care of while you’re doing it. Sell with the benefits you provide.

Brand yourself

Image matters, as does your brand (or that of your business). Make the right impression by choosing a branded header image (perhaps with a logo or photo of your business in action) as well as a clear, professional and approachable photo of yourself.

Publish regularly

Regularly creating relevant and timely content for LinkedIn shows that you are active on the platform and also gives potential leads an opening to respond or initiate dialogue.

With SEO Resellers Australia being able to provide you with white label social media and white label copywriting services, we could easily be able to optimise the profile of any client for lead generation, starting today. Contact us directly to find out how.