We all get upset when our links are rejected but it is only wise to step back and reflect on the reasons for this failure. Anyone who successfully builds links will tell you that effective link building involves a huge amount of hard work. One viable method of building links is resorting to email outreach but it may take a couple of days and may not produce the desired results. The final response, to your great disappointment, may be that you have been turned down again for that link you so much wanted. This, however, is a blessing in disguise as there lies hidden a great learning opportunity.

Look for a Place To Start

Firstly, re-examine your proposal minutely. It may be that your outreach was not targeted appropriately. Or maybe your site is irrelevant to its counterpart site. Ask yourself candidly whether you proposed something that violated their policies on advertising and also check whether the site to which you applied for linking belongs to your competitor.

You first need to target your proposal to the right audience or else failure is most likely to result. Also bear in mind that automated outreach without a specific mission that is sending out mails randomly on a given list is most likely to be received by a wrong audience and get rejected.

The following are the principal causes for lost link opportunities:

Google Simply Hates Links

There are actually many webmasters who are totally wrong in their approach to guidelines stipulated by Google. They tend to confuse such guidelines thinking that it is some kind of internal law.

Then there are webmasters who only prefer sponsored links and ignore paid links. This speaks volumes of their ignorance about the whole concept and they are best left alone. Building links is risky nowadays and nobody wants to take the responsibility of manipulating the webmaster into an uncomfortable situation, especially if it results in a penalty in the long un.

Once Bitten, Twice Shy 

This again is seen among webmasters who have faced penalties before and hence, have stopped building links. This is more so because of the money involved in paying the penalty which the sufferer is trying to recoup and is avoiding any attempts to build fresh links again, at least for the time being. But the right attitude is to cleanup your site and make fresh attempts to go for selling links again.

My Readers Won’t Take It

The webmaster’s judgment is important here and one needs to examine his outreach proposal to check whether he is right and the source is really relevant. Site matching in terms of content is important here as is actually vetting the site.

Competing with One’s Own Site

Make sure to actually read your site’s content. If say, there is a post on conducting link audits and someone asks you to link your piece to his blog on conducting link audits, ignore the request.

In sum, politely ask for the reason they’re saying no. If they say, “No thanks,” then fine, leave it at that; but, if you’ve sent them a proposal and it gets turned down, then nicely ask why as you can learn a lot from this. We don’t always see our own mistakes, and you might get some great insight into a problem that you’d never have identified on your own.

No, it’s not a good feeling when you’re being told that you’re ruining the internet. It’s not fun to work hard and not see any results. Link building is renowned for being one of the most tedious marketing activities out there, but if you don’t ask why you’re being turned down and/or take a few steps back and examine where it’s all going wrong, you’re never going to get good links. If you’re not getting links, there’s usually a very good reason, even it takes a while to nail it down. You can also hire an Outsource SEO agency to help you out in attaining opportunities related to link building.

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