The purpose of this document is to give you, an agency using SEO Resellers Australia, a guide for quality procedures you should have in place to get the most out of your engagement with us.


SEO over the years has been a tricky industry to be involved with. The typical reason for this is because there has been a huge gap between Google’s guidelines about what SEO activities should be undertaken by webmasters – and what actually achieves rankings. Google are getting better at defining what type of link building (and other strategies) they consider acceptable, there is still a gap though and they are famous for not adequately explaining the broad concepts within their quality guidelines. Often the industry only learns that a strategy no longer fits with their quality guidelines, following a punitive change to the algorithm

In our SEO packages, we attempt as closely as possible to only do link building that a client possibly would have done over time anyway, if SEO didn’t exist. This includes building links in places like business directories, using web 2.0 properties such as wordpress and blogger blogs, squidoo and hubpages, and maybe social bookmarking sites on occasions.

What this means is everything we do is consistent and compliant with what we know about Google’s Quality Guidelines – today. What we do not know is how Google’s interpretation of their own guidelines will evolve in the future though. Despite this, we believe is that if all elements and aspects of our SEO are undertaken with a commitment to quality, we will likely fare better than most SEO companies when algorithmic changes are applied by Google.

Our commitment to proactive quality checking will also protect our clients from negative SEO attacks and other problems that may arise, outside and independent of our SEO program.

The Need For Quality Assurance Checks In Your Process

We ask our agencies (Ie. you) to implement and apply their own quality assurance processes for a number of reasons. The main one is we want all elements of our process, from us right through to your clients, to be of the highest quality. This can only be achieved by total commitment through the whole process, from all parties. Other reasons include:

  • Ultimately, the businesses who enjoy our services are your clients. Our recommended quality checks ensure a quality product for your clients. Your business reputation and success will benefit from this
  • English is a second language for us. We do make every effort (with assistance and guidance of our master agent in Australia) to maintain our english standards to be as close to 100% as possible. However occasionally there are areas where we struggle, particularly given how far Australian lingo and slang depart from classical english phraseology.
  • You have a relationship with your clients so you are much better placed to understand their key brand messages. We rely on your feedback for this.
  • So much of Google’s future plans are unknown. The more people we have in our circle committed to building the best long term SEO service possible, the more people we will have keeping an eye on Google and the industry, the more information gets fed back to us to combine with our own research, the better prepared we become and the better our product offering gets in the industry. At the end of the day this means we get to provide better results for your clients over the long term and this means a better, more profitable and reputable business for you.

Recommended Quality Assurance Points

SEO Audit Documents

If you use our SEO Audits to assist in your sales process, please move the audit content onto your letterhead and read it prior to sending it to clients. These audits are templated and occasionally we miss something on a grammatical or completeness basis. You should as a minimum:

  • Update it with your clients name
  • Ensure the client’s business name and website URL are correct
  • Review the grammar
  • Review the information so you understand it when presenting to your clients

On Page Recommendation Reports

The content of this document makes changes to your client’s website and the way their listings display in Google and other search engines. As such it is crucial you understand there is a branding effect to the changes we make here and we are not close enough to your clients to understand their key brand messages. Please ensure the report content:

  • Is grammatically correct
  • Represents your clients’ brand messages as closely as possible, while maintaining consistency with the keywords we are targeting

Any revisions requested from the client must be fed back to us to ensure we keep true to both the client’s brand AND the SEO objectives

Monthly Directory Summaries

Each month we supply a list of summaries for publication on behalf of your client, in online directories. The purpose of these directories is to list your client’s businesses. Often they can be found by people searching directly for your client, using their business name as a search phrase. So these too can impact your clients brand. With that in mind, you need to ensure:

  • The phraseology is grammatically correct and reflects the clients brand messages. Aim for 95% correct in both matters as we also need to ensure all directory summaries are written with unique wording

Monthly Articles

Each month we produce unique articles to be used to create web properties on high authority websites. The point of these is to provide general information that is not directly associated with the company. To that end, please check to ensure:

  • Your client’s brand is not mentioned or associated with the content
  • The content is largely grammatically correct. Given there is not a “search result” association with this content, it does not have to be as high quality as the directory summaries. You still want to ensure it is at least 90% grammatically correct though to be effective long term

Monthly Benchmark Reports

Please ensure that:

  • We have the correct default search region. Often regional areas are a bit tricky to understand. The default search setting for The Gold Coast for example is actually Brisbane
  • Do a quick spot check on 2 or 3 results per client to ensure the reported result approximates what is recorded. There will always be minor variation – these should not exceed 4 places though

Monthly Work Reports

These are designed as a resource we give you, the agency. It may not be appropriate to give these to your clients, as they may find them confusing and you may end up spending lots of time discussing them.

You may want to spot check the reports to see what websites we are publishing off-page SEO content on. This is your record to ensure we only post on websites of a minimum quality.

Quarterly SEO Profile Checks

Once a quarter we do a full backlink check of your clients’ websites. The point of this is to be proactive and pick up any potential problem backlinks, before they become a problem. This quality step is actually a point of difference between your SEO agency and most others in Australia. There are not many who undertake this regular quality check, leaving them open to negative SEO attacks and also, issues arising from day to day internet variations. This information is something you can build into your sales value proposition.

It is a recommendation you spot check the reports we produce in this step yourself and if you find anything you are uncomfortable with, provide us with the feedback for further investigation. This is the best way we can protect your clients from Google penalties and algorithmic demotion.

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