As a digital marketer operating in Australia, do you offer your small business clients access to social media marketing? Research shows that using LinkedIn, Facebook and other popular platforms can have a big benefit for every kind of small business. Australia is home to an estimated 2.1 million small businesses as of 2016, so this area is ripe for social media marketing and its benefits.

A recent research report released by the Centre for Accounting, Governance and Sustainability and the University of South Australia Business School showed that while many small businesses (like accounting firms for example) use social media, they lack the time required to put an extensive effort into it. The researchers identified many areas that are commonly overlooked that these small businesses need help with – and it’s something that agencies could certainly step up and assist with!

Included in the list of recommendations on how small businesses can improve their social media marketing efforts, researchers suggest:

  • making sure that selected platforms are fully functional, visible and accessible
  • that firms actively promote their social media via their corporate websites so that it’s readily accessible to its stakeholders and use established platforms
  • using rich media such as images and dialogues
  • being concise, sharing valuable information and avoiding blatant advertising
  • lastly using metrics to measure one’s efforts

All the above needs can be met quite easily for clients with a robust and well thought out social media strategy. And even if your agency doesn’t have the scope to currently provide it, you can always outsource social media marketing through an SEO Reseller package of services, allowing you to get it done white label and wholesale and on a short term basis. When we provide this service, we do everything from monitoring the day to day account, and even creating the images and wording for posting on a specific schedule. This is exactly the kind of service that SEO Resellers Australia offers. It’s our goal to help our clients to help their clients – and social media marketing is just one of the many ways we do it. To find out more about our white label Social Media Reseller program, contact us today.