With more than 2 billion users and an average of 1 billion hours of content viewed daily, YouTube is a key platform to make use of for digital marketing. It is second only to Google in size and stature on the global list of leading search engines, after all. So, what does this mean for digital marketers looking to post video content for their clients on the platform?

Well, for one, it means you need to understand who you’re creating the content for. This is at the crux of the entire operation. Once you know your client’s audience, you can navigate the other aspects of YouTube video marketing using the litany of tools at your disposal. In this blog, we share our favourite video optimisation tools.

Video SEO Tool #1 – Produce Professional Screen Recordings Using Camtasia

Screen recordings have become popular for producing instructional videos and how-tos for audiences. However, playing back a screen recording captured on a smartphone will show you that the quality isn’t always up to par. Using Camtasia provides you with a barrage of editing and packaging options, so you can make the most of high quality screen recordings.

Video SEO Tool #2 – Do Some Research So You Can Identify The Right Terms Using Keyword Tool

In the world of search engine optimisation, keywords are currency. You want to find the right ones so that you can reach your intended audience. These will be included in tags, descriptions, hashtags and other text, but first you’ve got to do the research. Keyword Tool does this research and generates a report that you can use to start working on the rankings.

Video SEO Tool #3 – Use Google Trends To Discover Topical Conversations Worth Contributing To

The Internet is a constant whirlwind of conversations taking place at the same time. It’s difficult to get a grasp on all the chatter, so Google Trends is a great tool for achieving this. Once you know which conversations resonate with your client’s brand, you can create video content to that effect, be it advertisements, educational stuff, or even social commentary.

Video SEO Tool #4 – Create Compatible & Current Thumbnails Using Canva

The thumbnail of any video you post on your client’s YouTube channel must be eye-catching. Think of it as the visual headline of the video story. Using Canva, you can produce top-notch thumbnails, including attractive words and visuals.

It’s not about using the most complex or expensive optimisation tools, but rather the most effective for each unique campaign. Getting acquainted with these tools on your own can get a little overwhelming, so don’t be shy to rope in professionals to take over your optimisation efforts. That might mean reaching out for help from a world-class SEO wholesale, white label SEO support team like ours. We’re ready when you are!