It can take a while before a sale is made. You have to get the prospect down the sales funnel chain from the beginning of grabbing attention, to creating desire and finally to closing the deal. Then what happens? You have a customer who bought one item from your client. Whoo-hoo! Now you have to start all over again…

No, you don’t. You can work with the same customers who bought from your client initially.

Here’s how you can introduce online loyalty programs with your client’s existing or post consumers – and by doing this you don’t have to work so hard to make the sale because these customers already trust your client’s brand.

  • Points System

It’s very easy to set up a point-counting system in which your client’s customer, upon becoming a customer, receives a unique barcoded “card” or number. The customer can then receive points for every purchase or service they use, which will count towards something special – such as a free laptop or whatever products your client is selling.

  • Birthdays

You can suggest to your client to introduce a birthday special through which their customer receives a hamper or a very special discount on any product of their choice. Doing this makes your client’s brand more personable and can help the customer feel special and important, which is precisely what sales is all about – remember, if they like your client, they will buy from your client.

  • Special Events

Like birthdays, you could introduce discounts during holiday seasons such as Christmas during which time your client’s business will hold a special, limited time offer for its customers to purchase products at specially-discounted prices. These “special events” could also act as a “scarcity factor”, which is one of the most important features in making a sale.

  • Sales Offers

From time to time you might want to suggest to your client to offer a real discount for certain products or services for a certain period. This will keep your client’s customers actively involved in your client’s brand by keeping them informed of special offers when they arise. This builds on a relationship, which in turn rewards trust to both parties: a very good thing to have when trying to sell a product.

  • Referral Programs

A really excellent method of keeping your client’s customers on their side is to suggest a “referral program”. Your client will initially informs the buyer that if, upon purchase, they give 10 names and email addresses of their mates, they will receive a 10% or 25% discount on their next purchase—the number of leads that could be generated from such a program is endless. Plus, it will get your client’s existing customer to purchase again, at a discount of course.

So, as you can see, there are many ways in which your client can engage with their customers through loyalty programs – and through such programs there will always be room for reselling and selling-on. It’s a win-win and worth a bash!

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