The launch of SEO Resellers Australia has made headlines in the Business Section of prominent local newspaper, the Gold Coast Bulletin.

In the article, CEO Damian Papworth introduces the SEO Resellers Australia business and brand to an all new audience while highlighting his years of experience in the industry prior to conceptualizing SEO Resellers Australia. He also highlights the key innovative difference that SEO Resellers Australia hopes to bring to the local digital marketing industry.

The Gold Coast Bulletin is a publication that goes out six times a week and has a readership of over 100 000 individuals, most of whom are highly engaged decision makers who trust the paper as a source of vital information when seeking out new services and products or recommending them to others.

This high profile appearance is sure to provide a great boost to our local positioning as well as to the understanding that readers will have of what we offer – white label, wholesale digital marketing services for agencies and businesses in the field.

We look forward to many more appearances in local and national publications as SEO Resellers Australia continues to go from strength to strength and establishes itself as a player to be reckoned with in the local marketplace.