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Recommended Business Resource – Lead the Ship by Edward and Rebecca Plant

“Lead-the-Ship” has recently been launched on Amazon and was specifically written by Husband and wife team, Edward and Rebecca Plant, to support Business Owners lead their businesses better.

What Edward and Rebecca found was that there were plenty of books talking about leadership in corporate CEO roles and Fortune 500 companies, however there wasn’t a book that supported business owners grow their business, lead their business, create an amazing culture that drives growth and improve staff performance for those businesses that have less than 100-employees.

This book does that.

In this book, Edward and Rebecca introduce you to three key foundations for you, the business leader to grow your business, lead your business better and ultimately create a culture that drives growth without you.

The aim of this book is, as Rebecca so aptly puts it:

“Our vision is to support you to become a leader and lead your business, your staff , your customers and your communities to a better place. Through this, you will have a local, national and global impact that will have a farther-reaching benefit than your back door.”

By putting into practise some of the tenants of this book you will create a “Culture that drives Growth”.  One were your business grows whilst you are on holiday.  At the cornerstone to this are concepts such as Endurance, Essence, and Energy.  If you get these right; even one of them, you will create a significant impact on your business.

“We don’t often review or promote products on the SEO Resellers Australia website. I am intimately familiar with Ed and Rebecca’s work, business knowledge and approach to business though, being a close associate of theirs for many years now. I enjoy doing and have enjoyed profitable business with them over these years and as a result of this, SEO Resellers Australia has been a proud platinum sponsor of one of their marquee businesses on Australia’s Gold Coast, The Business League for two years now.

I know Ed and Rebecca’s work with small and medium sized business is top class and I have found this book very useful with some strategic ideas for SEO Resellers Australia and for these reasons I’d recommend it to you as a business owner, captain of your ship!”

– Damian Papworth

Download Lead the Ship From Amazon Today