Decision Fatigue is real and it’s something that Australian digital marketing agencies struggle with. The average adult makes over 35,000 choices daily so we can only imagine how high this number is for those of us running our own businesses; especially in December when it’s time to take stock of your marketing plans and create new ones for 2017. If you’re tasked with planning for your agency and clients, banishing decision fatigue forever from your marketing decision-making processes (and those of clients) could help your business exceed your expectations.

Millward Brown’s Digital Agencies 2016 Report reveals that Australian agencies take on more projects every year than their American, Canadian and European counterparts. Most of these agencies also feel that their clients don’t understand digital marketing, leaving them to take charge of making these decisions for them.

This not only makes them responsible for their own digital marketing decision-making – but also that of every client in their service.

Left unchecked this can change the course of a business’s planning. Research shows that initiative and choice draw on the same psychological resource which is depleted by decision fatigue, impacting our ability to take initiative and make executive decisions.

Thankfully, cutting through decision-making fatigue doesn’t have to be a complex experience for digital marketers. You just need to adopt automation and make it an integral part of your day to day marketing and that of your clients.

As Forbes contributor Jeff Boss puts it, automation works because it forces you to “make choice automatic and save the complex thinking for complex matters.”

Automation can really help streamline your projected workload and that of your clients by taking day to day repetitive but essential tasks and automatically completing them on a periodic/advanced basis. This saves time and money and frees both you and your clients up to think bigger with your future plans and enjoy more customer engagement and leads.

Adopting automation in your marketing is something that SEO Resellers Australia can easily assist you with. As Virtual Assistants Resellers and a White Label wholesale SEO company outsourcing SEO in Australia, we can deploy automation in email marketing campaigns, social media posting, LinkedIn lead generation and more.

For example, when next touching base with your client, see if there are any simple repetitive tasks they might need done monthly and offer them a White Label Virtual Assistant (VA) to come on board for a few hours every week to do them.

You could also provide a client with our White Label SEO Reseller services and find that they need White Label Facebook content created and posted on a schedule. By offering this as part of their SEO Reseller program package you can cross one more daily decision off your list.

There’s no limit to how automation can help you banish decision-making fatigue from your 2017 marketing plans. We recommend that you sit down with clients and based on your strategy for 2017, work out what projects, campaigns and communications can be automated over the next 12 months in advance. Then allow us todo it for you!