Are your clients’ blogs receiving the sounds of crickets rather than the sound of heavy traffic? Is your client complaining that their blog traffic is low? Do you see a big fat zero in the place where there should be high reader numbers? Are you creating blogs for your clients which rank on the 10th page of Google? Are you tired, month after month, seeing no blog comments or no likes and sitting there cringing that your client is about to call and fire you as a White Label digital marketing agency? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, keep reading!

First off, lest we forget as digital marketing agencies that blogging is not just written topics about something of interest. It is another piece of influential marketing. Blogs should still revolve around your clients’ brands, their clients’ problems and desires and their capabilities to solve these needs. Now that we’ve reminded all you digital marketing agencies about that, let’s talk about getting your clients’ blog seen, engaged with and attracting quality leads.

Tips To Get Your Clients’ Blogs Seen, And Seen Often

  1. Have you mentioned the new blog arrivals on your clients’ social media platforms? If not, start doing so and draw social media followers to their blogs. At the end of the day, how can you get eyes on your clients’ blogs when no one knows about them?
  2. Have you researched SEO keywords effectively and used them in an appropriate amount within the blog? Should you find that you’re keyword stuffing, avoid doing this!
  3. Are your clients’ blogs bog-standard, or are they thought-leadership and unique? Ensuring that your clients’ blogs incorporate hyperlinks, industry leader quotes, as well as business staff and management perspectives is vital to getting them read. 
  4. Are you creating engage-worthy, appealing headlines for your clients’ blogs? Do they demand attention and drive clicks to the blog? 
  5. Are your clients’ blogs too short or too long? Ensuring the right word count, so enough value is written.  
  6. Do you ensure that motivating meta-descriptions are included?
  7. Do you incorporate interesting imagery and eye-catching visuals into the blogs, and do you create proper image tags and metadata to go with this?
  8. When was the last time you asked your clients’ customers about their problems and wrote about this in their blogs? You should! Write about how to solve these problems, and their customers are sure to keep their eyes peeled on their blogs.

We Can Help You To Get All Eyes On Your Clients’ Blogs! 

At Seo Resellers Australia, we’re leaders in online blogging and digital marketing services. Should you wish to partner with a White label digital marketing agency that knows how to create high-quality blogs, contact us today on Let’s discuss how our skilled bloggers and copywriters can help you create blogs for your clients that have all eyes on them.