As digital marketers, you’ve probably heard about the AIDA model (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action), and how it should be the basis of most of the digital marketing services you provide to your clients.

However, we’ve done some research and want to introduce you to a new way of looking at digital marketing that’s not solely focused on what your clients want to say, but rather on their customers’ perspectives.

This approach is called See-Think-Do, which in effect shows the great synergy that can take place between SEO and CRO best practices. The framework is showing a lot of promise, and in this post, we’ll look at how it can boost your content marketing services to your clients.

H2 – The framework

The See-Think-Do framework, famously pioneered by Avinash Kaushik, a Google digital marketing guru, can be applied across almost any digital marketing strategy. The reason for this? Kaushik’s model takes a look away from the internet as a medium that can be mass-marketed to.

This makes sense, seeing as almost all internet users tailor their use on the internet to serve their specific needs. The best way, according to the model, is to adopt a model that focuses on each individual searcher’s journey from site visitor to customer.

This model is therefore focused on the intent of the user, and helps to develop a method of one-on-one communication you can help your clients to build that will create a conversation with their customers, and not just a situation where they speak to them.

H2 – How do you apply See-Think-Do?

The See-Think-Do model can be applied as follows:

H3 – See

This is the part of the strategy that will include the largest audience of online browsers. Let’s say you have a client that sells accounting software suites. The most generic keywords they will be focused on will most likely be “best accounting software”, for example.

Seeing as this framework is centred on providing a customer-centric experience, in this phase you should be focused on creating content that informs readers why accounting software is necessary, and what types are best for them.

H3 – Think

In terms of this content marketing, the Think approach takes place when, after reading the content you’ve created, your visitor is thinking about using your client’s services. This means that your client’s website should be focused, and with an intention of, making that decision so much easier. If we take our previous example of a software suite, it would mean that your client’s website should make it as easy and enjoyable as possible for the user to compare the software packages they offer, highlighting features, prices and exactly what each software includes and excludes in as easy a way to consume as possible.

H3 – Do

Seeing as you’ve made it easy for your client’s visitor to use their website and find out more about their products or services, the next step will be to provide them with an easy and dependable way of purchasing their services. This could be through an instant online chat service, easy-to-find contact details, or an “add to cart” button that is easy to see and intuitive to use.

H2 – Why See-Think-Do works well online

It is easy to think that these steps are not dissimilar from the more traditional approaches, but keep in mind that modern consumer’s behaviour rarely fall into a single silo. For example, they might need more information about your client’s products while they’re in the Think step, or want to quickly navigate back to a comparison of products before they click “Buy”, and might want to easily change the products in their cart.

The modern transition from visitor to customer cannot always be catered to by using more traditional methods, which is why you should consider adapting your client’s approaches to their marketing activities to See-Think-Do.

The journey doesn’t stop their either, as a fourth step, namely Care has been proposed, and is focused on guiding previous customers into becoming recurring ones, which we’ll discuss in our next blog.

If you would like to apply this marketing approach to your client’s digital marketing activities, but feel you don’t have the time or knowledge, let our team of Conversion Rate Optimisation experts help you.

The resultant increase in ROI that your clients will enjoy thanks to a properly implemented See-Think-Do strategy will have them banging down your door to thank you.

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