“SEO” has become the hot topic of 2016 and beyond. Everyone’s talking about it, everyone insists you need it and everyone wants it. Problem is, the only thing you know for sure about SEO is that it stands for Search Engine Optimisation and that you want to start including it as a service in your small web design agency. That’s it.
See if this scenario rings true:

Meet Eric. Eric started a web design agency a year ago, having quit a corporate job to be his own boss. Since then things have been going well and he enjoys being able to work on his own time, building websites for businesses on the Sunshine Coast.

One day, Eric gets a call from a client who is unhappy with his website’s Google ranking. When he built the website for them, he never told them that they would need to implement an SEO strategy to make sure that the site gets to the 1st page of Google. Frankly, he didn’t even think about it because he’s a web designer and NOT an SEO specialist. This is the third client this month with the same complaint.

With zero experience in SEO but a growing demand amongst his clients to offer it, Eric’s in a bit of a hole. He can’t afford to hire an expensive SEO expert, not right now. Maybe with a bit more growth. Maybe never. Or maybe there’s another way.

At SEO Resellers Australia we work with many SME agencies and a common question we’re asked is at what point should an agency outsource their SEO, and when would it be better to hire and train a staff member.

Our response is that unless you are prepared to hire a qualified and experienced SEO specialist, that it would be a better option to outsource your SEO. To get the most out of offering SEO, you should be able to build a team of professionals from the top down.

On the other hand, if don’t plan on deriving your primary profits from SEO and cannot currently invest in it, outsourcing is the way to go.

So how can you trust an outsourced provider you cannot see? Just look for transparency by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Do they allow me to view work in progress?
  • Do I have access to historical and success reports?
  • Am I encouraged to ask questions and remain in contact throughout the process?
  • Can I view key information such as keywords or rankings?

A trustworthy white label SEO wholesaler will remain transparent and work with you on your SEO.

Unless they can provide you with the above without hesitation (something that SEO Resellers Australia offers all clients as standard), you need to keep looking.

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