Most people use LinkedIn in one way or another. Unlike many other popular social media platforms targeted for lead generation, LinkedIn is unique in that it has retained a focus on being a business oriented community where like-minded working professionals can connect. When someone visits LinkedIn, they expect to read about and connect with experts in various industries across the business world. This provides ample opportunity for businesses to position themselves (or their clients) in a certain way, to get the attention of a specific audience.

If you are an Australian company offering lead generation strategies to your clients and you are not including LinkedIn as part of your plans, you are missing out on one of the best opportunities available when it comes to generating a steady, reliable source of viable business leads.

A key element of LinkedIn marketing that holds untold benefits for your client’s ability to generate leads is taking the time to follow through on your new connections, in order to generate leads through to sales. It’s a really time consuming exercise and perfect for you to outsource to a wholesale service provider like SEO Resellers Australia.

In 2015, the Association of Management Consulting Firms, Bloom Group, Rattleback and Research Now undertook a detailed survey on the tangible value that using LinkedIn could add to a business. They found that over two-thirds of clients sharedLinkedIn content across their company, that LinkedIn was a trusted and respected forum for like-minded business people to share ideas and reach out to each other from professional to professional. This makes it the perfect place to seek out new business for your clients.

LinkedIn Lead Generation offers you and your clients the opportunity to foster leads and prime customers for sales conversions – but only if you have the correct lead generation strategy in place. SEO Resellers Australia does this for its clients and their clients. We find and nurture potential leads for clients using their own content, and present a list of quality sales leads directly to you – allowing you to take the full credit. You don’t need to spend that hours required contacting and nurturing, that’s what we’re here for. Whatever you do don’t let your clients miss out on LinkedIn lead generation!