Your client’s businesses have depended on the correct efforts of SEO with respect to Google’s ranking preferences – and although the secret recipe of this algorithm shall never be revealed – the analysis of the trends ought to be carefully studied because much can be revealed that will give your clients a better shot at ranking higher.

What’s is driving the trends?

What the search engines are doing?

How is this affecting your strategy for your client’s business?

How will this influence your specific tactics for this year and the next?

Here are five trends that equate to serious impact

1. Rise in SERP features

Richer snippets, or structured data markups that you can add to your client’swebsite, which will allow Google and other search engines to better understand what information is contained on each web page, are cause for higher rankings.

Using the SEO metadata more effectively can help rank your client’s higher on search engine results. Reviews from existing clients’ campaigns are an excellent way to produce legitimate scoring for your future client’s website.

2. Rise in Instant Answers

There is a positive and a negative here. Google is answering questions directly, which may be drawing traffic away from your clients and your steady campaigns. But there is also something positive: you can use this to help target your client’s market more effectively and try to answer the problems of your clients more directly.

3. Rise in Intent respecting keywords

This has shown an increase because Google is more interested in improving the quality of the user’s experience. By altering your keywords slightly, you may see a better response in your overall efforts to ranking higher. Try to offer copy and information that will answer your client’s customer’s query. Also, keep in mind the landing page of the link to that query and ensure the link leads the questioner (potential customer) to the answer instantly.

4. Rise in value of comprehension

Good writing will always be important. The level of comprehension is measured by how long a user stays on a website after they have selected the “answer” to their question. Ensure that the content you provide is relevant and interesting. Poor comprehension can lead to an increase in bounce rate, which is always a bad thing.

5. Rise in quality link-building

Links have always been important. It helps Google understand that your client’s website is an authority in the field. However, Google is becoming more and more picky with regard to the quality of the links coming into your client’s site as well as those going out. Ensure you use quality links; links built from and to credible websites only.

With this in mind, how can you answer your client’s most important questions, which usually look something like this…

1. How will SEO improve my growth revenue?

2. How will SEO lower my costs?

3. How will SEO improve my upsell to existing customers?

The answer is simple. Well, not simple, but at least with the right tool and a better understanding of what the trends are, you can formulate metrics that are easier to measure.

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