Understanding consumer psychology plays a significant role in driving the success of social media strategies. In order to craft great sales-worthy marketing copy it helps to understand why your clients’ targeted audiences would buy a particular brand’s product or service and more specifically, what stimuli they are responding to. Applying these insights when designing, implementing and managing social media marketing plans heightens the effectiveness of your targeted marketing message. Here are four ‘mind power’ techniques to use in creating results-oriented social media strategies for your clients:

  • Facial expressions and colour speak to the emotions

On the whole, consumers make emotional decisions rather than rational ones. Rational decisions are harder and more time consuming so we avoid them. So, how do we evoke emotional decision making? One of the most effective methods is through including facial expressions in social media marketing. Adverts with a person’s face on them, are far more alluring than an inanimate object and the human brain is naturally wired to interpret facial cues quicker. Colours are a powerful visual language that speak to your customers on an innate neurological level. The power of colour lies in its subtlety. You may not be aware of it but red catches your attention immediately.  However, when placed with blue it becomes more potent as blue brings in more calming and relaxing feelings.

  • Get the price right

A prospective customer’s brain has the ability to discriminate between prices based on the left-most digit. This is why dropping your price by one cent instead of pricing with flat, round numbers is so effective in encouraging desired customer behaviour.

  • The Power of ‘Now’

Fight or flight is an instinctive physiological response in which a person either resists forcibly or runs away. This inclines our brains to make impulse decisions. Use of words such as ‘now’ in marketing copy help to increase conversion and engagement rates.

  • The Scarcity Principle

A perceived scarcity in a product or service instils a sense of urgency, a key influencer in a customer’s desire to make a purchase. An example would be “Only 24 Hours Left” creates a sense of urgency to buy. Want better ROI in social media marketing for you and your clients in 2017? Factor consumer psychology into your content strategies and achieve greater heights of success.

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