Did you know that the right type of content can be one of your greatest business assets you own? There is a high value placed on content that is first and foremost valued and informative to prospects. Content has become an effective tool to attract new clients and increase lead generation. Creating a content roadmap for each stage of the customer lifecycle offers advantages in building relationships and engaging with prospects throughout the buyer’s journey. An important fact to take into consideration when creating content for your clients.

Demand Gen Report’s 2015 Lead Nurturing Benchmark Study has found that 42% of marketers who have initiated nurturing into their prospect’s buyer’s journey have seen success.

Leverage the sweet spot of each stage

Don’t miss out on key opportunities for your clients to encourage their prospects through the buyer’s journey. Content can play a fundamental role in each stage of this process, from the first stage of helping to build awareness to generating leads to lead conversions.

The range of information required by prospects to make purchasing decisions differ in each stage. Asking the question ‘What key information would my client’s prospective customers be looking for?’ makes deciding on what content to produce for them and what medium to use to deliver it in each stage of the process an easy one.

Awareness is important in the initial stages

Blogging is the type of content most advantageous for the initial stages of the customer lifecycle. Optimised blogs boost your client’s brand’s visibility on search engines and in turn, creates awareness.

There has never been a better time to encourage your client’s to get their blog updated and keep it that way.

Influence the consideration phase

Your client’s prospect identifies a need or business challenge and interest in their brand is created. The types of content that helps sway decision in your favour range from eBooks to whitepapers. Offering these free in return for a potential buyers contact details leaves your client with a valuable business sales lead to now follow up on.

The final push towards purchase-ready sales

It is time to sign on the dotted line. Help your client’s prospects along by providing content in the form of comprehensive product information and data sheets. Free trials can be highly persuasive too.

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