Digital copywriting is an effective marketing tool in its own right, with the ability to
enhance your client’s virtual presence and strengthen their brand overall. That is if it’s done
strategically and stays true to the brand’s voice and tone. To achieve both, copy needs to be
unique amongst the rest of the clutter on social media networks like Facebook. It needs to
be quick to convey messaging, efficient in reaching end consumers and appealing enough
so that your ads are clicked.

These are our suggestions on improving your digital copy for your client’s next marketing

Create Cohesiveness With Unified Messaging
Staying relevant online can be tricky, especially with competitors moving to stay on top and
the influx of new trends online. Between managing keywords and maintaining how attention-
grabbing copy is created, it’s essential to ensure that all copy delivered in the brand’s voice.
Often keywords take preference in terms of importance, and that impacts the quality of copy
presented. Changing the language to suit keywords can result in copy not being perceived in
the manner your clients hoped it would be.

Stay Space And Time-Conscious With Copy
While a major advantage for your clients using digital copywriting in their marketing
campaign is that conveying messages becomes quick and easy. However, this does not
always work in your favour, because with limited space and time to deliver messaging, copy
is restricted. A balance needs to be maintained in managing how much copy can be used
due to character restrictions. Instead of conveying the same information over and over
again, prioritise what potential customers will find useful. While contact details and CTAs are
important, your next Facebook post may not need to describe your client’s company origin

Take Into Consideration All Devices
An often-overlooked consideration, when working with digital copy on Facebook – is how it
visually is presented to potential customers. Copy must be optimised for smart devices and
different screen dimensions. Large amounts of text can become hard to read by customers
using their phones to log onto Facebook. Too few words can seem incomplete and leave
customers puzzled if the post was erroneously uploaded. Visibly exhausting or lacking copy
can affect how your client’s advertising is read, impacting future conversions and possibly
deterring away those potential customers. Try our White Label Social Media Services now.

Copywriting online requires a certain urgency, because it needs to immediately attract
attention and then persuade the reader to take action. Whether it’s to enquire further about a
product, make a purchase or enter a competition – accomplishing this before potential
customers lose interest and scroll away, can be increasingly difficult. Simply because of how
fast-paced the internet is, there’s always more advertising to engage with and more
competitors reaching customers before you do. Hence, good copywriting needs to build up
excitement and read well online, instantly.