The Currumbin Beach Vikings Surf Life Saving Club is a distinctive feature of Queensland’s Gold Coast. With its 180 degree view of the surrounding skyline and Elephant Rock, it’s a popular venue for holding events that are anything but average.

We couldn’t think of a better place to bring interested digital marketers and local businesses together on Wednesday, the 19th of October to hear about what Google capabilities SEO Resellers Australia has to offer – and the Google AdWords advertising platform. We partnered with Google to host this Google Connect Event as an official Google partner and conduit between Google and its clients. This allowed attendees to hear directly from Google in a livestreamed Chromecast setting while getting a uniquely Australian breakdown from those with experience.

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Just a few short months ago the Gold Coast Bulletin covered the launch of the SEO Resellers Australia brand. Now it is covering our very latest venture – a wholesale copywriting service.

CEO Damian Papworth once again shares his voice with the paper as the leader of the business.

Unlike many other digital marketing services that our clients come to us for (such as website design and website development) Damian explains that his copywriting service offers clients a peace of mind that few other outsourcers can – a wholesale copywriting service at highly competitive rates that does not compromise on quality.

SEO Resellers Australia has listened to our client’s concerns over hiring international freelancers who can offer low rates but fail to grasp the nuances of English needed to communicate in an English speaking country such as Australia. They also have shared the negative experiences they have had with local freelancers who charge exorbitant prices and often fail to get the job done on time or to the client’s liking.

With the introduction to SEO Resellers Australia’s wholesale content writing service, digital agencies can now offer clients SEO optimized copy for blogs, press releases, websites and social media at a price and quality they will be happy with.

Keep your eyes peeled for more appearances in this paper as the company continues to make news!

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How does one build a successful white label agency? This is the question asked by Hubstaff – an online resource that offers insights on managing and monitoring staff. To answer this question they turned to seven experts in the field, CEO of SEO Resellers Australia Damian Papworth was one of them.

This shows that other businesses are starting to sit up and take note of the successful track record that SEO Resellers Australia is forging in the white label digital marketing industry.

Damian was asked to share his insights on how to look beyond the short term by adding value in the long term as well as how to educate partners on changes in the field of digital marketing that affect their business.

He also shared insight into how SEO Resellers Australia fosters transparency in its practices with clients as well as the various ways that an agency can demonstrate to clients that they know what they are doing – for example, by putting a quality leadership team into place, hiring the right kind of people and being able to offer a track record of success through references.

To read more on what Damian and the other selected experts had to say, visit here:

In addition to making local newspapers, the news of SEO Resellers Australia’s launch has also been picked up by quarterly digital and print publication, Northern Rivers Business Magazine.

This popular magazine is aimed at local suppliers looking to make connections and forge new business relationships with other businesses, the goal being to boost the area’s economy. The magazine covers the area ranging from Grafton all the way to Tweed Heads on the far North Coast and acts as a platform for local experts to share their expertise on business matters.

The article published focuses on what SEO Resellers Australia brings to the Gold Coast economy and highlights its ability to allow local marketers to support a locally based company that employs residents and pumps money into the Gold Coast.

This comes in light of recent news of some of the pitfalls businesses are experiencing when they outsource their services to cheap suppliers in foreign countries. This often results in a poor quality product created by people who do not speak English as a first language.

SEO Resellers Australia allows local businesses to outsource their digital marketing services (such as SEO, web development and copywriting) to countries that retain a competitive price advantage without compromising on quality. Read more!

It is important for modern businesses who wish to thrive to keep up with international developments in order to forge strategic partnerships with workforces from all around the world.

For SEO Resellers Australia who strive to set themselves apart as the premium global company currently assisting digital agencies to run highly successful and profitable businesses, this fact is especially important.

As part of this commitment, CEO Damian Papworth recently visited the business’s core operations in Pakistan in order to galvanise the SEO Reseller core message around support digital agencies and also to reassure its clients that the company’s international operations lift their work standards to meet and surpass those expected in Australia.

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The launch of SEO Resellers Australia has made headlines in the Business Section of prominent local newspaper, the Gold Coast Bulletin.

In the article, CEO Damian Papworth introduces the SEO Resellers Australia business and brand to an all new audience while highlighting his years of experience in the industry prior to conceptualizing SEO Resellers Australia. He also highlights the key innovative difference that SEO Resellers Australia hopes to bring to the local digital marketing industry.

The Gold Coast Bulletin is a publication that goes out six times a week and has a readership of over 100 000 individuals, most of whom are highly engaged decision makers who trust the paper as a source of vital information when seeking out new services and products or recommending them to others.

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