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Digital marketing is an unusual business in that much of what it produces is not tangible. Unlike traditional advertising like placing ads in magazines or passing out flyers, you cannot view things like online copywriting or email marketing the same way. Thankfully, the results that can be produced by digital marketing are anything but intangible, and as a digital agency you will know first-hand the potential it can have.

The challenge comes in when you need to explain these benefits to a person who isn’t well acquainted with how digital marketing works and what to expect. If you’ve heard about our latest Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) offering and want to offer it to clients, here’s how you can communicate its value add.

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The annual Akamai’s latest State of the Internet Report has been released, detailing the top internet speeds of countries around the world. It has found that Australia is lagging behind over 50 other developed countries, which is something that should concern all clients providing digital marketing services to clients all over Australia. After all, internet speed affects how customers will be able to access websites, social media and more.

At SEO Resellers Australia we offer white label SEO services to digital marketers all over the country, who can brand it and pass it on to their own clients. Internet speed is something that affects every aspect of digital marketing. By taking it into account when addressing the experience of the average website visitor, one can ensure that a website is optimised to overcome this hurdle. One of the ways that this can be done is through Site Speed Optimisation (SSO).

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Since its launch, it has always been the aim of the founding members of SEO Resellers Australia to provide digital media and marketing agencies with essential valued outsourced services in online marketing to support business growth and enhance the quality of their service offerings to their clients.

We see perfecting service delivery quality as an ongoing effort. In order to continue providing premier white label wholesale services, from SEO to social media management to copywriting, we are taking progressive steps to ensure that our clients and in turn, their clients receive excellent standards in quality services.

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Understanding consumer psychology plays a significant role in driving the success of social media strategies. In order to craft great sales-worthy marketing copy it helps to understand why your clients’ targeted audiences would buy a particular brand’s product or service and more specifically, what stimuli they are responding to. Applying these insights when designing, implementing and managing social media marketing plans heightens the effectiveness of your targeted marketing message. Here are four ‘mind power’ techniques to use in creating results-oriented social media strategies for your clients:

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Decision Fatigue is real and it’s something that Australian digital marketing agencies struggle with. The average adult makes over 35,000 choices daily so we can only imagine how high this number is for those of us running our own businesses; especially in December when it’s time to take stock of your marketing plans and create new ones for 2017. If you’re tasked with planning for your agency and clients, banishing decision fatigue forever from your marketing decision-making processes (and those of clients) could help your business exceed your expectations.

Millward Brown’s Digital Agencies 2016 Report reveals that Australian agencies take on more projects every year than their American, Canadian and European counterparts. Most of these agencies also feel that their clients don’t understand digital marketing, leaving them to take charge of making these decisions for them.

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“SEO” has become the hot topic of 2016 and beyond. Everyone’s talking about it, everyone insists you need it and everyone wants it. Problem is, the only thing you know for sure about SEO is that it stands for Search Engine Optimisation and that you want to start including it as a service in your small web design agency. That’s it.
See if this scenario rings true:

Meet Eric. Eric started a web design agency a year ago, having quit a corporate job to be his own boss. Since then things have been going well and he enjoys being able to work on his own time, building websites for businesses on the Sunshine Coast.

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The Currumbin Beach Vikings Surf Life Saving Club is a distinctive feature of Queensland’s Gold Coast. With its 180 degree view of the surrounding skyline and Elephant Rock, it’s a popular venue for holding events that are anything but average.

We couldn’t think of a better place to bring interested digital marketers and local businesses together on Wednesday, the 19th of October to hear about what Google capabilities SEO Resellers Australia has to offer – and the Google AdWords advertising platform. We partnered with Google to host this Google Connect Event as an official Google partner and conduit between Google and its clients. This allowed attendees to hear directly from Google in a livestreamed Chromecast setting while getting a uniquely Australian breakdown from those with experience.

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Did you know that the right type of content can be one of your greatest business assets you own? There is a high value placed on content that is first and foremost valued and informative to prospects. Content has become an effective tool to attract new clients and increase lead generation. Creating a content roadmap for each stage of the customer lifecycle offers advantages in building relationships and engaging with prospects throughout the buyer’s journey. An important fact to take into consideration when creating content for your clients.

Demand Gen Report’s 2015 Lead Nurturing Benchmark Study has found that 42% of marketers who have initiated nurturing into their prospect’s buyer’s journey have seen success.

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Download Lead the Ship From Amazon Today

Recommended Business Resource – Lead the Ship by Edward and Rebecca Plant

“Lead-the-Ship” has recently been launched on Amazon and was specifically written by Husband and wife team, Edward and Rebecca Plant, to support Business Owners lead their businesses better.

What Edward and Rebecca found was that there were plenty of books talking about leadership in corporate CEO roles and Fortune 500 companies, however there wasn’t a book that supported business owners grow their business, lead their business, create an amazing culture that drives growth and improve staff performance for those businesses that have less than 100-employees.

This book does that.

In this book, Edward and Rebecca introduce you to three key foundations for you, the business leader to grow your business, lead your business better and ultimately create a culture that drives growth without you.

The aim of this book is, as Rebecca so aptly puts it:

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As a digital marketer operating in Australia, do you offer your small business clients access to social media marketing? Research shows that using LinkedIn, Facebook and other popular platforms can have a big benefit for every kind of small business. Australia is home to an estimated 2.1 million small businesses as of 2016, so this area is ripe for social media marketing and its benefits.

A recent research report released by the Centre for Accounting, Governance and Sustainability and the University of South Australia Business School showed that while many small businesses (like accounting firms for example) use social media, they lack the time required to put an extensive effort into it. The researchers identified many areas that are commonly overlooked that these small businesses need help with – and it’s something that agencies could certainly step up and assist with!

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