Local SEO is the branch of SEO that’s concerned with getting a business noticed in a specific location, be it Melbourne, or a specific area in Melbourne, such as Melbourne CBD. This post will explain why it’s important to manage your client’s on-site and off-site pages for local SEO so that customers can find them in the number one slot on their respective search engine results page.

When you first undertake the management of a client’s local SEO, where should you begin?

Most businesses already know that they should appear on Google My Business, which is Google’s directory of businesses. As an agency it would help for you to ensure that their local business listings, contact details and map listings are all correct. You could also check things like operating hours and for certain businesses and even menus and prices.

The next step you can take is to make sure they have a mobile-friendly website.

It’s estimated that 56% of all mobile searches have local intent. Is your client’s website mobile friendly? Google are increasingly placing more emphasis on a mobile-friendly site in regard to SEO ranking, because cell phones are growing to be the most popular devices for browsing. Once you’re certain that their site is optimized for cell phone viewers, you can be sure that people will be searching for their business using their mobiles. That’s why properly crafted local SEO can earn clients huge traffic to their sites, and you can help them to ensure that people find their business when they’re on the search for the product being offered.

So what happens when your client insists that they don’t need local SEO or local SEO management?

When it comes to selling local SEO to customers, there are a number of distinctive advantages that it has to offer. For starters, the cost of running an effective local SEO campaign as opposed to traditional methods such as flyers, newspaper adverts and billboards is markedly cheaper.

Additionally, with analytic tools such as Google Analytics you can track the progress of local SEO campaigns, taking note of how many people click on pages in the SERP’s. Clients with good reviews on their Google Plus page, and with keywords that match up to what people are searching for are even more likely to succeed. These points are often more than sufficient to show clients that local SEO is less ‘shoot and hope’ and more ‘shoot and track progress’.

If you would like to expand you current local SEO offering or perhaps don’t even offer it in the first place, SEO Resellers Australia can help. For more information on how we can provide you with outsourced local SEO services, visit SEO Resellers Australia.

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